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Join us for a yearlong celebration of Trinity College's Bicentennial. Gather your memories and get ready to make new ones—and prepare to light up Trinity’s third century.
Trinity College founded 1823

200 Years of Trinity Stories

200 Stories

The story of Trinity College is that of its people, this place, and our liberal arts education. Through the collective experiences of this extraordinary community, we define the spirit that makes us distinctly Trinity. Over the course of the Bicentennial year, we will tell and collect 200 stories for the world to hear.

200 Stories
Northam Towers
This is possibly the only known image of the 1872 sundial. The sundial was a gift of the class of 1872 to the original campus, and it moved with the college to Summit Street, where it was placed "before Seabury Hall and midway of the campus" until it became “'quaint and gray' and at long last expired of old age at an unknown date" (1957 February Bulletin Alumni Magazine).
Women students on campus, 1969.
President Joanne Berger-Sweeney’s Inauguration
Raether Library, June 2020. (Ngoc X Doan Photography)
Bicyclist watches lacrosse practice.
Jarvis Hall, Trinity College, Hartford, CT detail Exterior, detail of north end, east quad side

Explore the History of Trinity College

200 Years

Throughout our history, Trinity College has remained true to our urban roots and steady in our commitment to the future. Explore the immersive timeline of Trinity College.

Long Walk, Trinity College (Hartford, CT): (L-R) Jarvis Hall, Northam Towers, Seabury Hall overall exterior West side from southwest
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